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What is "Your Man in Europe"?

We are a unique tour organizing agency specializing in leading small groups of 8 to 12 on highly personalized tours in Europe, Great Britain, and Ireland. We offer the most imaginative and feature-packed travel adventures available anywhere ....Period.

This exclusive concept was introduced by Larry Ivy, a veteran European traveler and tour organizer since 1990, former resident of England, and owner-operator of the Texas-based independent travel agency, Your Man in Europe. Larry has developed a distinctive style of European travel. These very small group tours have proved enormously popular with adventure-seekers of all ages. He usually personally escorts the tours for the entire time, taking groups to delightful places that the big group travelers seldom or never get to see. His only concern is that you have the time of your life!



In-depth knowledge of destinations
Very small group personalized tours at a cost competitive with Big Bus or cruise ship prices
Accommodations in atmospheric, supremely well-located boutique hotels- some with as few as 9 rooms
Longer distance travel on high-speed trains in First Class comfort
Great flexibility to customize both before AND during the tours
Musical and ”magical” touches are always part of every tour
Each tour is unique - none are identical "canned" tours
No 5:00 AM wake-up calls to herd onto a bus to the next destination
No walking the gangplank to get off & back onto a huge cruise ship for a few hours at every port of call
Professional guides in many cities
Local cuisine and wines in unique & intimate restaurants & great picnics

Please note: Our trips can be physically demanding, often reasonably active, and require a certain amount of “taking care of yourself”. We do not offer so-called “luxury” travel for the pampered sojourner. Luxury travelers are too often insulated from the flavor and charms of the very places they spend so much time and money to visit. Our guests have the opportunity to discover the essence of the places where we are welcomed as guests of other cultures.


Some of my happiest memories are of the trip you led to Italy. When I look back it was the absolute best.


                                         Gail S 

 Forget the usual stereotypes   about exhausting holidays to   Europe and prepare yourself for   the complete Renaissance Man   tour.

                                           Ivan B

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It was the many small touches that made our trip with Your Man In Europe so special. The delightful surprises sprinkled throughout the trip still bring warm smiles.                                                                               Jan H


Thank you for another fantastic adventure. I scrolled through all my trip photos on the flight back, and was amazed at how much we saw and did.

                                          Ernie S

I feel like I KNOW the places that

we visited, rather than just being

able to say that I was there. AND

WE HAD FUN! Always fun!

                                           Jason S

With Your Man in Europe, you have all the adventures of traveling but with a safety net.

No time is wasted and unique experiences are around every corner.


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