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                        Illuminating Harry’s Wondrous World

                                                                             A Magical Journey revealing Harry Potter’s Britain  

                                                                                                               8 NIGHTS

Join Magical Tours in celebration of our 10th year of hosting fantastic Harry Potter themed tours in Britain. Sign up for this carefree jaunt to visit many of the places that inspired the Harry Potter books, as well as getting a good close-up look at some of the most recognizable and beloved filming locations! We’ve designed a truly enchanting journey at a price that cannot be matched – even by independent travel! We’ve crafted the tour to offer great value, and as always, manage to visit more important Harry Potter sites than any other tour available. This is a real “family-style” vacation –one the Weasleys would love! Come along and enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of fellow Harry Potter fans on a grand adventure.




Day 1

PLEASE NOTE: This tour originates in London, England and ends in Edinburgh, Scotland. 


Guests depart on flights to London, England (not included) to arrive by 10:00 AM on Day 2.  Guests are responsible for making their own flight arrangements. Magical Tours may assist with transportation information, but flight bookings and all other travel details are the responsibility of tour participants.


Day 2

Guests arrive at London, England Heathrow Airport not later than 10:00 AM. A Magical Tours representative will meet tour participants at a designated assembly point at Heathrow. For guests arriving in London early, it will be necessary to travel to Heathrow to connect with the  tour group at 11:00 AM at the meeting point. Once assembled, the group will travel on a short express bus journey to Oxford, England. Our hotel there is located in the center of “The City of Dreaming Spires”, within very easy walking distance to all the local attractions.

Shortly after our arrival we’ll enjoy lunch together at the perfect spot in Oxford: the small pub where great literary figures gathered in years past. In this charming little place, C.S. Lewis first read aloud his work, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; and J.R.R. Tolkien first entranced listeners with his reading of The Hobbit. We will plan to eat together in the very room where Tolkien, Lewis and many other important authors and scholars met for over 30 years to discuss and plan their works.

Oxford is one of the most important filming locations for the Harry Potter movies. We will visit the Great Hall which was the model for the Hogwarts Great Hall, the famous grand staircase, the trophy room, the “hospital wing”, the library Harry visited in his invisibility cloak, and more! Everyone will enjoy the locations associated with the Harry Potter films, but there are many other amazing sights to see in Oxford, and an incredible number of connections to the world’s most beloved books and literary characters.

For those who have visited Oxford before, and have seen the Harry Potter locations, there are many great things to do that we haven't included on previous tours, such as the Ashmolean Museum. This is the first of the world's modern style of museums, and is filled with fascinating treasures including carved stone balls found at Stonehenge, proving its builders had very extensive knowledge of geometry. There are also numerous J.R.R. Tolkien and Alice in Wonderland sites to check out.

In the evening we’ll enjoy a casual “welcome dinner” before turning in for the night.


Day 3:

After a nice breakfast we’re off on the next incredible adventure. Today we’ll travel to visit the recently-opened Leavesden Studios, Warner Brothers “The Making of Harry Potter” for an exciting tour of many of our favorite sets from the Harry Potter films. For true Harry Potter fans this experience is not to be missed! This exciting studio tour reveals behind-the-scenes information as well as a chance to actually be in the amazing sets from the beloved films!

During our fantastic tour at the studio lunch will be on your own at one of the great cafes available. Have a Butter Beer, and take in the magic! Everyone will delight in the amazing gift shop it’s almost   a museum of the magical world all by itself, but you can buy whatever you like!

After our wonderful studio tour we’ll head back to Oxford, where everyone will have some free time to explore and have dinner on your own in this unique university town.


Day 4:

After another very nice breakfast we’ll begin an epic train journey to the Scottish Highlands. For those who love rail travel, and for those who have never experienced it, this will be a fun day. British trains are fast and efficient. There is plenty of room to stretch out and take in the fabulous scenery passing by. Much less confining than bus travel, passengers are free to move around, play games or eat at convenient tables, visit the snack car, or catch a few winks of sleep in the comfortable seats.

During our trip we’ll enjoy a “train picnic” for lunch as we roll along. Our route takes us through Glasgow, Scotland, where there will be a layover long enough for everyone to have time to explore a bit and pick a place to have dinner on your own before boarding the train again for the last leg of the journey. Evening brings us to fantastic Fort William, Scotland. The portion of the train ride train ride from Glasgow to Fort William is considered by many to be one of the finest rail journeys in the world! Within easy view of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest peak, we’ll disembark for our stay in “Harry Potter country”.  

Welcome to Fort William! Our Highland home will be an enchanting private lodge overlooking the breathtaking Loch Linnhe. After settling into our comfy rooms in an incredibly scenic location, it will be about time turn in for a well-deserved night’s sleep before tomorrow’s next adventure


Day 5:

After a hearty breakfast, we'll begin our private van exploration tour of Harry Potter Land. Today will be a bonanza of Harry Potter filming locations in the Highlands! The first stop will be the gorgeous Highland lake featured in almost all the Harry Potter films as the location of Hogwarts. Nearby we’ll visit the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, prominently shown in Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of Fire .There we'll get a very close-up view of the iconic arched bridge as seen in the films.

Then we’ll travel back into Fort William for a quick lunch together in the village. The next stop will be Quidditch Country! In an incredibly beautiful valley near Fort William we’ll see the locations for the spectacular quidditch matches that are big favorites in the Harry Potter films.  From there we’ll continue to an optional expedition on foot to the breathtaking Steall Falls, the setting for Harry’s Dragon challenge in the Tri-wizard Competition. Those up to the challenge will have a chance to go there themselves on a challenging 3+ hour hike (We can see if all the dragons have cleared out!) Every year this unique hike is among the favorite activities of the whole tour. For those who prefer there will be free time on your own in Fort William for less strenuous shopping or just relaxing at our cozy inn.

After the Steall Falls adventure we’ll once more return to Fort William for dinner at a popular loch-side restaurant where we will enjoy a meal all together that is not included in the tour cost. The menu offers a wide range of specialties from which guests will make selections and order on your own. What a day! No doubt everyone will be more than ready for a good night’s rest. 


Day 6:

After a great breakfast, we begin another amazing adventure. Today we'll ride the historic Jacobite Steam Train, very much like the one used in all the movies, traveling along the very same route where scenes were filmed . Steaming along through the rugged mountains, this time we'll ride over the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct! We can have fun imagining we're making our way with Harry and his fellow students as they travel to their magical school. We’ll have our own private compartment, just like Harry and his friends! This Highland rail journey from Fort William to Mallaig, a rustic coastal village, and back is rated as yet another of the greatest rail journeys of the world! Lunch will on your own in the delightful village of Mallaig (we recommend the Fish ‘n Chips!)  before the return ride to Fort William.

But that’s not all! After we pull into the station, we’re off again to scenic Glencoe, featured most prominently in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This scenic and historic valley has been important in several of the Harry Potter movies. The brave-hearted may venture on foot up the steep hillside to the actual site of Hagrid’s Hut.   Afterward we’ll make our way to a cozy and inviting wayside inn for a nice dinner together. This scenic wayside inn offers a wide variety of delicious local specialties and beverages Hagrid would appreciate. Afterward it’s back to Fort William for a good night’s rest.  


Day 7:

After a quick and early breakfast we’ll board our train to Edinburgh, Scotland! The scenic ride never gets old. We’ll play games as we roll along, or be free to gaze at the passing panorama.

In Edinburgh our fantastic hostel is perfectly located right in the center of the old city – the best of all possible locations!  As soon as we’ve had a chance to settle in we’ll take off on a walking tour which will offer everyone keen insights into Jo Rowling’s life in Edinburgh. At our first stop we’ll have a nice lunch in a café that played a major role in the creation of the Harry Potter books. We’ll be introduced to some of the old city’s most famous (and infamous) characters and its fascinating tales and legends as we make our way to the famed Edinburgh Castle.  At the castle itself we’ll get to see the places said to have inspired Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and where J.K. Rowling herself hosted the Half-Blood Prince book release celebration. We’ll have a guided tour and time to explore the famous castle at your own pace.  

After the castle visit everyone will have free time to explore and enjoy dinner on your own at your choice of great cafes and restaurants in this unique city. And, for those among us who are strong of heart, guests will have the optional opportunity to take a ghost walk into one of the scariest places in the world: deep in the underground Vaults of Edinburgh! If you emerge safely, you may want to scurry back to the safety of your cozy hostel, and hide under the covers!

Those who aren’t into walking with unearthly spirits can simply enjoy the ambiance of this wonderful place on their own, and begin to fall under the spell of one of the world’s liveliest cities. There’s something for everyone, from traditional Scottish music to live pop performances. Enjoy! 


Day 8:

This morning everyone will have a free morning to sleep in a little later or enjoy some free time to explore Edinburgh or do a little shopping. Breakfast will be on your own today.

The next tour group arrives this morning, and today we will join with them for a grand adventure.  We’ll rendezvous with them about 1:00 PM for the next big event. This will be a great time to wear    your costumes (if you decide to bring one). We’ll make our way to an ancient Scottish castle where we will start our visit with a fabulous gourmet lunch, followed by a special event you’ll never forget, and then an up close and personal encounter with owls! You will get to handle and learn about flying owls, and to try your hand at really flying different kinds of owls just like those that appear in  the Harry Potter movies. (Even some of the “movie star” owls’ relatives!) Every Magical Tours guest always places this unique experience near the top of the list of tour favorites.

But wait, there’s more! We travel directly from the countryside At the end of this incredible day we’ll rendezvous to have our farewell dinner in the place where J.K. Rowling wrote most of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, followed by one last free evening to enjoy this most remarkable city. Now THIS is an absolutely incredible day!


Day 9:

We’ll begin another incredible day with a lovely breakfast together followed by a walking tour which will offer everyone keen insights into Jo Rowling’s life in Edinburgh. We’ll be introduced to some of the old city’s most famous (and infamous) characters and its fascinating tales and legends.

After the walking tour we’re all off on another fun rail journey – this time to one of the favorite places on the whole tour: Alnwick Castle in Alnwick, England, the location where many, many exterior shots of “Hogwarts” were filmed for the first two Harry Potter movies. The absolutely breathtaking Alnwick Castle and village alone are worth a trip to the British Isles! You may feel as if you really are at Hogwarts! Get set for some great surprises today during our visit to this “totally Hogwarts” place. When we reach the castle everyone will have time to enjoy a lunch on your own in either the café, which serves quick lunches or in the restaurant which has a full menu.

After an unforgettable afternoon in Alnwick Castle, we’ll have dinner in one of the most magical places you could ever imagine! This wonderful gourmet meal together is sure to be a truly unforgettable event. After dinner we’ll return to Edinburgh by train (about a 1-hour ride) in time for a nice free late evening to explore “Olde Edinburra”, and maybe catch some rousing Scottish music before heading for bed.

Your tour ends this evening with the dinner at Alnwick and the return to Edinburgh.


Day 10:

Guests will be assisted with individual arrangements for transportation to Edinburgh Airport for morning departures. Everyone will be responsible for airport transfer costs and breakfast.

For those guests preferring to book flights into and out of London rather than departing from Edinburgh, Magical Tours will be happy to help arrange rail transportation back to London at the end of the tour. Also, advice and assistance will be offered for those who choose to extend their touring in Britain, with suggestions for traveling by train to other destinations, including the EuroStar train from London to Paris. We’ll be sad to part after our great adventure in the land of Harry Potter, but we all will have shared in a truly unforgettable “Magical Tour”!

              NOTE: The MAXIMUM for this small group tour is 16 persons, and the MINIMUM is 8

                           All prices are based on double and/or shared occupancy.

                           This special tour is for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Guests under age 18 will require an

                           approved chaperone age 18 or older


DISCLAIMER: These themed tours are not official 'Harry Potter' events and are not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported, directly or indirectly by Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Harry Potter book publishers or J.K.Rowling and her representatives. All rights to the series of “Harry Potter” books are the property of J.K. Rowling and her publishers including Scholastic Press, et al. Film rights and image trademarks are the property of Warner Brothers, Inc. Any references to trademarked and copyrighted materials are not intended as anything more than an effort to bring well-known imaginary figures and places in literature into the context of an actual travel experience in Great Britain. Though the places we will visit are quite real and historically significant, the theme of this tour is based upon entirely imaginary characters and places. When the tour itinerary refers to such imaginary characters or place names, there is no intent to imply that they are real people or places, or that they pertain to factual events. Such references are intended to create associations between possible inspirations for the stories and/or filming locations used for the movies, and the very real places we will visit.    


                                                   Copyright Your Man in Europe/Magical Tours

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