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The following testimonials were received from our wonderful tour clients.  References to some specific events vary from each other as  every tour is different, and each person   may describe elements unique to their own particular tour.

Although I am an adult, there were several occasions where reality and fantasy blurred, and I found myself really in Harry Potter’s world.

Christina L


I can honestly say that going on this tour was the greatest experience of my life. I didn’t feel like just another goggling tourist on this trip. I felt like I belonged there, like I was part of where I was. I apologize for gushing, but really, that trip is something I will never, ever forget.



The tour was filled with fun surprises and magical moments that far exceeded our expectations.

Camille H


The Portal tour was imaginative, informative, and great fun…it provided unique opportunities unavailable to independent travelers.

Jan L


This was definitely one of the best vacations my family has ever taken! We were intrigued by the “No Big Bus Tours” motto of Magical Tours, and we are glad we took the leap. And the places we went were not just great because of the Harry Potter connections, but were great places to visit even if (God forbid) Harry Potter never existed.

Ray D


The Wizard’s Choice Tour was a truly magical tour. Even though I have traveled to many places, I can honestly say this was THE BEST vacation experience I have ever had.

Terry R


The Enchanted England Tour was one of the best experiences of my life. The small group size allowed everyone to be close, and I know I have made some life-long friends.

Carolyn F

As a Harry Potter novice, I expected to enjoy the trip because I would be having a great adventure with our granddaughter, who is a real HP fan. I, too, soon got caught up in the exciting magical world of Harry Potter. The trip was wonderful.

Ellen B


My nephew and I had lots of fun. He is almost eight years old, and is ready to take the trip again. Everything about the trip was fun and exciting.

Jolene S


I thought I knew everything about Harry Potter, but [we learned] things you can only find out by visiting the places where J.K. Rowling grew up and what influenced her writing. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Treat yourself!

Tricia R


Larry’s tour is the best in the world! An unforgettable experience! Worth every penny.

Andrew S


I thought that Magical Tours was the perfect mix of historical places and “magical” ones. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, whether it’s your first time to Britain (like me), or it is your 10th.

Maya B


This was the best time I’ve ever had on a vacation. You totally get more than what you pay for.

Camille C


It was more than a tour of places; it was being invited into the creativity of a remarkable author. I found myself imagining a young girl beginning to collect the images that would later come to life for millions, both young and old.

Jim R


This is my second run with Magical Tours, and I am already dancing with anticipation for my third. Larry lets us soak in the atmosphere of the places we visit. He makes it special in ways I can never anticipate.

Rebekah C


I thoroughly enjoyed every destination, every activity, every meal, and every fellow traveler. So much relevance and fun was packed into each day. I appreciated the occasional flexibility in our schedule, in consideration of everyone’s personal interests.

Amy W


If you are a Harry Potter fan you MUST go on a Magical Tour!

Dave H


Our Harry Potter tour was everything the Magical Tours website promised, and more. And with the small group size it is like taking a vacation with your best friends.

Stephen H


This was the most up-close and personal way to see Europe. It was more like being a character in the movie than an actual tourist! I will never forget the magic of this vacation.

Jill H


I did not know what to expect since I have never traveled anywhere before. When I got to England I was totally amazed at what I was seeing. The places we went were out of this world. To be able to watch the movies and say “I was there” is the best feeling. Thank you for the best time of my life.

Shelley C

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