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The Finer Things Tour - September 7-19, 2022 - $3895 per person 

11 Nights

                       A Delicious Taste of Paris, Burgundy and Switzerland


        An Alpine Odyssey - August 23 - September 7, 2024 
                                  $4695 per person 


                                                        The Mountains and Villages of Germany and Austria


                                                                                             14 Nights


Come along with Your Man in Europe on a rollicking travel adventure in the most beautiful areas of Germany and Austria. From the festive atmosphere of Munich to the quiet serenity of Hallstatt, we’ll experience the best culture and scenery this gorgeous area has to offer. We’ll ride wonderful trains through breathtaking vistas, and stay in carefully-selected boutique hotels that capture the spirit of each destination. Ride cable-cars to mountaintops, walk through rugged gorges, listen to a Mozart concert in the very room where he introduced some of his most beloved music for the first time, visit fairytale castles, and glide across enchanted alpine lakes. Savor the best of Bavarian and Austrian cuisine – and of course, incomparable brews along the way. Immerse yourself in the charms of some of the most spectacular places on earth on this unique travel opportunity. Don’t miss it!




August 23 – Friday – Flights from USA to Munich, Germany (overnight flights)


August 24 – Saturday – Plan to arrive at Munich International Airport (MUC) by 12:00. After our  

group is assembled, we’ll take taxis to our centrally-located boutique hotel in the old town. This old world hotel (the oldest in Munich) has been beautifully updated with every modern convenience; but the main attraction is it’s fantastic location. We’ll need to drop our luggage before our rooms are ready. Then we’ll walk the very short distance from our hotel to fascinating Marienplatz - the very center of Munich, and the perfect starting point for our visit to the Bavarian capital.


We’ll start with an authentic Bavarian lunch in the lively Viktualienmarkt, a huge open-air food court and farmers market just off the square. We’ll try for an outdoor table in the Biergarten, which respectfully waits until 9 AM to open. Choose German specialties from among the more than 140 stalls featuring baked treats, meats, fruits and vegetables, and, of course, great German Beer.

Following our first lunch together, we’ll take a stroll around Marienplatz to see the ornate city hall. If our timing is right, we’ll see and hear the historic Glockenspiel, an elaborate carillon that “performs” twice a day on the city hall tower. Since 1908, the carillon with 16 figures and 43 bells has been reenacting the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V to Renate of Lorraine in 1568, when the Bavarian knight defeated his Lorraine opponent in a jousting tournament. We’ll also stop by the famous Fischbrunnen (Fish Fountain), a very popular meeting place for the people of Munich and visitors as well.


So we don’t overdo it on the first day, we’ll head back to our hotel to check into our rooms and take a little time to relax after our long flights. Enjoy some free time until dinnertime. Our “Welcome to Germany” dinner couldn’t be in a more fitting place: the world-renowned HOFBRÄUHAUS MÜNCHEN. There we’ll get to experience a fun “Oktoberfest” atmosphere without actually having to be in the city for the gigantic, near overwhelming beer party, which begins in late September. After a hearty meal, a litre (or so) of German beer, and plenty of Oompah music, we’ll head back to our very nearby hotel for a well-deserved night’s rest.


August 25 – Sunday – After a great breakfast at our hotel, we’ll meet with our expert tour guide for

a walking tour of the city’s most iconic sights. We’ll learn more about the Marienplatz area, as well as the churches of St. Peter, and the Frauenkirche, and much more. This half-day tour reveals the city's character through knowledgeable commentary about Munich's history. Also, we’ll learn how to get around Munich on our own with tips from our local guide. We’ll experience Bavarian beer and food culture during a mid-tour break. Everyone will cover their own food expenses for this.


The afternoon offers free time so everyone can enjoy exploring this beautiful city at your own pace. Both lunch and dinner will be on your own today.

August 26 – Monday – After a tasty breakfast at our hotel, we’ll use our Munich City Pass, an all-inclusive sightseeing pass with free travel on all public transportation and a cash-free entry to 45 top attractions - museums, castles, and other attractions and tours, such as the Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses. Many admissions include “skip the line” access. Take advantage of the Munich Pass to enjoy the attractions of Munich that you find most appealing. One possibility is to take the
 U-Bahn (underground train) to the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace. Built in 1664 as a summer residence for the Wittelsbach family, Schloss Nymphenburg is a striking, lavishly-decorated Baroque-style palace sprawling over large, elegant gardens just west of central Munich. Inside the palace, exquisite decoration and furnishings of the era have been well preserved. Visitors can admire a Rococo-style ball room, and the Queen's Bedroom complete with the sleigh bed on which Ludwig II was born.


The enormous garden surrounding the Palace, which spreads over 490 acres, is home to vast green lawns, water features, a lake, and a canal. Indulge yourself with a Gondola ride on the canal or lake. Stroll in the impressive gardens, and take your time feeling very “royal”.  Use your pass for transportation back to Marienplatz or any destination in the city on your own schedule. Make the most of your Munich Pass! Lunch and dinner will be on your own today.


August 27 - Tuesday – After a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we’ll board our train to the next destination: Garmisch- Partenkirchen, actually two smaller towns that have merged into one.

After dropping our luggage at our charming chalet hotel, we’ll explore the village until we find just the right cozy restaurant for an Alpine lunch together.


After a quick lunch, we’ll connect with our private driver for the journey to Neuschwanstein Castle. The “fairy-tale” king, Ludwig II of Bavaria, built this dazzling palace to withdraw from public life after losing his power in the Austro-Prussian war. Its unique architecture, inspired by medieval German design, features grand turrets, towers, and spires, as well as ornate interiors and intricate woodcarvings. The castle's stunning location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding Bavarian countryside. Walt Disney was so fascinated by the castle's romantic, fairytale-like design that he wanted to recreate its sense of magic and wonder in his theme park. The result was Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland.  


After our castle visit, our driver will return us to our hotel back in Garmisch. Everyone will have some free time to take in the charming atmosphere and have a nice dinner on your own.


August 28 - Wednesday – After another wonderful breakfast, we’ll have time to explore the enchanting village surrounded by mountain vistas just outside the doors of our hotel, and enjoy a lunch on your own. Right after lunch we’ll take off to get a much closer look at the mountains. At Zugspitzbahn station in Garmisch- Partenkirchen we’ll take a breathtaking train ride for the first of the mountain railways and cable cars to visit Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. We will journey to pristine Lake Eibsee, and on up the Zugspitze plateau right beside the glacier, and then to the summit with its 360-degree views of four countries and 400 surrounding mountain peaks. We’ll visit the fantastic gravity-defying glass summit station at almost 3,000 metres above sea level. In the evening we’ll have a “top of the world” dining experience you’ll never forget. What goes up must come down; so we’ll head back down to Garmisch- Partenkirchen in the evening to return to our cozy hotel.


August 29 - Thursday – We can’t pass on another great breakfast! Afterward we will board our train for a three-hour ride to Salzburg, Austria (via Munich). On arrival we’ll leave our luggage at our delightful, centrally-located hotel, and then enjoy a nice lunch together. The hotel’s website says that the hotel building “was first mentioned in a document in 1353”. After lunch we’ll have a guided tour of this most charming town; after which we will return to our hotel to check into our rooms and maybe relax a bit. Salzburg (meaning "Salt Fortress") is internationally renowned for its Italian-influenced baroque architecture and is one of the best-preserved city centers north of the Alps. Salzburg was the birthplace of 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; and in the mid‑20th century, the city was the setting for parts of the musical play and film The Sound of Music; so music is literally everywhere.

The first settlements at Salzburg were established by the Celts about the 5th century BC. Around 15 BC the separate settlements were merged into one city by the Roman Empire. Following  World War I and the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Salzburg became part of the new German Austria, and emerged as the First Austrian Republic in 1919, after the Treaty of Versailles. Surviving the annexation of Austria by the Nazis during World War II and the resulting Allied bombing raids (most of the baroque architecture remained intact) Salzburg has enjoyed a significant revitalization.

In the evening we’ll enjoy a very memorable event: a Mozart concert and dinner up on the imposing cliff at the Hohensalzburg Castle. Beginning when he was still a teenager, Mozart performed many of his beloved works for his patron, Archbishop von Colloredo, in the very room where our concert will be presented.


August 30 - Friday – We’ll have a lovely breakfast at our hotel before launching into our morning event. Yes, it’s a must…we’ll start the day with a Sound of Music Tour. Even if you aren’t all that into the movie tour, everyone will enjoy visiting the gorgeous locations featured in the film. As an added treat, we’ll all get a 1-hour Edelweiss apple strudel cooking class with tastings in a picturesque Alpine hut. Because the private tour size is limited, half of our group will get the tour today – while the other half has free time; and tomorrow we’ll switch.


After our return to central Salzburg, everyone will have the afternoon free to enjoy a nice lunch,

And later, dinner on your own


August 31 - Saturday – After another fine breakfast, the second half of our group will go on the Sound of Music guided tour. Then afterward, everyone can enjoy an entirely free day in Salzburg. Guests may decide to take a breather, and enjoy a relaxing day in the old town, It’s fun to just stroll and savor the ambience of old Salzburg, stopping to appreciate the many street musicians along the way, or just take time for shopping and sightseeing on Getreidegasse, which is one of the oldest streets in Salzburg. Find a sidewalk café table for a lunch so you can appreciate life in this most charming town. The music enthusiasts can choose from among many live concerts.


Consider visiting Mozart’s Birthplace at Getreidegasse No. 9. It’s the house in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756. His family actually lived here for 26 years, from 1747. Mozart spent his childhood and much of his youth there. Enjoy a walking tour through Mozart's times as the museum invites you to take a tour lasting about an hour through original rooms. Also amble through a middle-class apartment reconstructed as authentically as possible. You may feel    as if you have personally been transported back to the days of Mozart! Experience a particular joy   for Mozart fans: the historical instruments, including Mozart's own violin and clavichord.

Dinner tonight will be on your own, so keep an eye out for just the right restaurant. above the old town center. Afterward we will be ready for a good night’s sleep in our comfy hotel. (*Note: some tours sell out well in advance; so booking favorites before the tour begins may be a good idea.)


September 1 - Sunday – After an early breakfast, we’ll leave Salzburg on a short train ride to our next destination:  Berchtesgaden, Germany. The Alpine setting is gorgeous, and the history is fascinating. Berchtesgaden is a village of 7,000, tucked against the sheer walls of the Bavarian Alps. The town sits in an area called the Berchtesgadener Land, a pocket of alpine terrain surrounded on three sides by Austria. We’ll drop our baggage at our charming hotel before starting our next expedition. A short bus ride takes us to The Königssee, another example of a crystal-clear Alpine lake. From the bus stop it's a 10-minute walk to the lake and boat dock. There we’ll board our quiet electric boat, and glide along the length of the lake past vertical mountain walls to the much-photographed Baroque church of Sankt Bartholomä, and further on to the dock at Salet at the southern end. We’ll either have lunch together at a picturesque Beirgarten at one of the stops during our boat ride.

After our cruise, we’ll return to the village to get checked into our hotel rooms, and after some free time, go out for a cozy dinner together at a wonderful restaurant in the village.


September 2 - Monday – After a tasty breakfast we’ll take a short bus ride to Obersalzberg. More than 70 years have passed since the Nazi enclave on the Obersalzberg was destroyed. The government of Bavaria removed most of the buildings associated with that period in attempt to restore the area to its original pastoral atmosphere and, many believe, to diminish  evidence of that most controversial period of their history.

It was on the Obersalzberg that Adolf Hitler made his home, along with Hermann Goering and Martin Bormann. High level meetings were held here, and many important decisions affecting the lives of millions were made in his mountain residence, the Berghof. We’ll begin our visit at the newly expanded Documentation Center. This is an extensive museum that covers the history not just of the Obersalzberg, but the Third Reich in general, with many photographs and fascinating documents from the Nazi era. Texts are in German but an English audio version is available. There is also a scale model of the mountain showing the locations of the wartime buildings.

As a bonus, visitors have access to the somewhat creepy bunker system under the former Platterhof Hotel, which was torn down in 2000. After our exploration of Obersalzberg, we’ll take a specially-designed tram up the mountain to the elevator leading to spectacular Eagle’s Nest. This retreat, built for Hitler, was an amazing engineering achievement, and the view is breathtaking. The building was spared from Allied bombing, so it was never damaged. Now visitors can see it basically as it was during Hitler's time. We’ll be able to have a great lunch on your own at the scenic restaurant there.

Our day tour returns us to Berchtesgaden in time for a leisurely afternoon in the picture-book village of Berchtesgaden. The place is just about too cute. Stroll through the winding streets lined with pastel buildings decorated with "Luftmalerei" paintings and abundant window boxes of flowers. Browse the wood carvings and Bavarian clothes in the shops; and stop at one of the many cafes with outdoor seating to enjoy Bavarian specialties and beer, or Kaffee und Kuchen (pastries).

Most of the people seem to be concentrated within a block of the Markt – the central market place. Even at the busy times, it's easy to escape to other quiet corners of the village. If our timing is right, later in the day, some local musicians may play brass band music in the Markt, while tourists and locals have dinner or relax around the fountain.

Once a week, usually on Mondays, a local band plays selections of traditional and classical music on the stage in the town square. The highlight is a group of children in Bavarian costumes performing folk dances for the spectators. Who knows? We may even see Clark Griswald* there… Enjoy an authentic German dinner on your own this evening.

*OK, If you haven’t seen “European Vacation”, you need to. Then you will get the reference.


September 3 - Tuesday – After a leisurely breakfast at our hotel, we’ll check out and head to the station for the next leg of our journey. This time, it’ll be a short train ride back to Salzburg. There we’ll board another train to the incomparable village of Hallstatt, Austria. Enroute, well stop at the village of Attnang-Puchheim to grab a quick lunch together before continuing on. Our local train will stop at the tiny rail station on the opposite lakeshore from Hallstatt. From there we’ll board a ferry boat to glide us into what seems to be a mirage across the lake. Nestled between the edge of the pristine waters and the towering Dachstein Mountains, we find Austria’s oldest and most photographed village. Clinging to the side of a steep mountain, this fairytale Alpine village has long attracted mountain climbers, explorers, romantic poets, and painters. Hallstatt is regularly featured in books and magazines as one of the most important “bucket list” destinations in the world.

We’ll take our luggage to our cozy, family-owned hotel in the center of the village before setting out to explore the village together. We’ll take a short walk around the market square to get our own pictures of one of the most photogenic spots on earth. Capture the delightful houses built into the hillsides, the glass-like lake, and the amazing mountains in the background. Enjoy some free time to explore on your own after we return to our hotel to check into our rooms. We’ll get back together later for a wonderful dinner of Austrian specialties.

September 4 - Wednesday – We’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast at our charming hotel, and then

take an adventurous trek up to the amazing salt mine on the mountainside. Archeological evidence shows that this isolated village, which gained its wealth through the salt trade, was thriving as early as the 8th century B.C. For centuries, villagers have traded a very sought-after commodity that lies deep below the surface: salt.  We’ll travel by slide deep into the world’s oldest salt mines, and discover a subterranean salt lake and the mummy of a prehistoric miner who became preserved in salt. There’s a great museum there with 7,000-year-old artifacts. 


We’ll also visit the breathtaking Skywalk, with its panoramic view of the entire valley. If time allows, after our salt mine tour, we may consider taking a nature walk through the Echerntal Trail. We’ll be hungry after all that mountain trekking; so we’ll head for lakeside restaurant for a nice lunch together. Afterward enjoy a free afternoon and evening just to stroll the narrow streets and discover more of the magic of Hallstatt.  Find the perfect place for a relaxing dinner on your own this evening.


September 5 - Thursday – We’ll have another great breakfast in our hotel dining room, and then set out to our next event: The Dachstein Giant Ice Cave! We’ll board a bus in Hallstatt to travel to this amazing venue. Then we’ll take a breathtaking cable car ride up the mountain to the cave entrance. Our guided cave tour will whisk us away into the fantastic under world of the Dachstein cave – a breathtaking expedition through rock and ice. The ice reveals its fascinating, glistening shapes and figures, immersed in light and music. We’ll cross the abyss with its 30-meter-high rope bridge (we'll need nerves of steel here). Are you up for a real adventure? Then today is your day! Everyone will have to dress warmly for this epic experience! Lunch will be on your own up at the cave complex.


After our cable car decent, we’ll board our bus to take us back to serene Hallstatt. We will enjoy a memorable “Farewell to Hallstatt Dinner” together in the evening.



September 6 - Friday – After a leisurely breakfast at our cozy hotel, we’ll begin our train journey to the Munich Airport (via Salzburg), which will include some short train transfers. Have lunch on your own along the way. Sadly, this will be our last spectacular train journey of the tour. Our hotel is very near the Munich terminals (MUC). After our arrival and a little time to relax (or re-pack) we’ll gather one last time for a tour-ending dinner in the hotel restaurant to recap our adventures.



September 7 - Saturday – Return flights to USA from Munich. Optional breakfast may be available subject to flight departure times. The hotel can provide shuttle service to the terminals. Since departure times will vary, the cost of the shuttle service is not included.

                                                                 What’s in store for us?

This tour is custom-planned for a small group of no more than 11 guests. Even if you are a seasoned traveler, you have never experienced Europe like this. We’re sure the journey will captivate you. You’ll be part of a magical adventure - complete with music, and surprises that will delight you at every turn. There are no exhausting bus rides or inconveniently-located hotels.

We do our best to set the mood, to weave a spell, and to make yours a total experience. Hotels and most restaurants on the entire tour have been selected for their very specific location or high level of “atmosphere”. The small group size allows us to personalize the experience in a way large groups simply cannot do. We make it easy, comfortable and stress-free.  No guest has to worry about the details of where we are going next. You will feel as if you are not a tourist, but a guest of your Austrian and German friends.

Your Tour Guide: Larry Ivy is the Tour Coordinator and guide for Your Man in Europe, and a long-time veteran of European travel and unique private tour-leading. Larry wants just one thing: for you to have “the best time of your life”!

                                           Complete Prices for the August 23 – September 7, 2024 Tour

                                                                        $ 4695.00  Per Person                                                    

            *All prices are based on Double Occupancy. Single supplement is an additional $985.   

A $500 deposit holds your place on the tour, and is due by June 15, 2024. The balance may be paid in increments on

your own schedule, but the final payment is due by August 15, 2024. Make checks payable to “Your Man in Europe” 

2608 S University Drive - Fort Worth TX  76109   USA - Please inquire about other means of payment or visit our website

"Tour Details" page for information about PayPal and credit card payments.

Tour Includes: Fourteen (14) nights of overnight accommodation (based on double occupancy) in exceptional, very specially selected hotels, twelve (12) breakfasts, six (6) lunches, and seven (7) dinners; all ground transportation (except September 7th airport shuttle); 1st class rail travel (where available), admissions to all attractions described in the tour itinerary, knowledgeable guide services, and standard gratuities. Guests are encouraged to offer gratuities for outstanding service. There will be no additional charges for the tours and events specifically included by Your Man in Europe. There may be extra charges for optional tours not included in the detailed itinerary.

Not Included: Airfare to Munich and returning from Munich; strongly recommended travel insurance; extra beverages (meals will include one beverage and will be budgeted accordingly); a la cart or premium menu selections beyond the established meal allowances; between meal snacks; gratuities for extra services such as baggage porters, or for superior service (normal gratuities are included in the trip cost); souvenirs; and privately arranged activities. The airport terminal shuttle on September 7 is not included, as flight arrangements may all differ. Also: All overnight accommodations, as well as railroad and minibus travel will be NO-SMOKING.

                                           This tour is strictly limited to a maximum of 11 guests travelling together                                                                                                      

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